Big Sean | Powerhouse 2017 @ The Glen Helen Amphitheater
Big Sean | Powerhouse 2017 @ The Glen Helen Amphitheater // Photo credit: Kevin Wong (@iamkevinwong) – Used With Permission

San Bernardino, CA — Being a three-year transplant here in Los Angeles has led me to realize that I need to get out more. California has so many gems and I guess being a live music fan helps the Curious George in me get the much-needed adventure I crave. I’ve become fascinated lately with venues and ranking them in order of my experience after each visit. It was my first time at the Glen Helen Amphitheater — hell it was my first time in San Bernardino!

I was excited about the day’s event. My first Power 106 event and it happened to be the biggest one of the year, Powerhouse 2017. The line up was crazy, but so was the weather. It took me longer than usual to get dressed — the goal was to be warm, but still remain cute and festival friendly. Let’s just say I underestimated everything that day, including the drive. My sister (my unofficial, official concert buddy) joined me on the two-hour road trip to San Bernadino. With our playlists ready we hit the road and of course was met with traffic. There was not a sign of rain in sight, but the way Los Angeles traffic is set up you would have thought there was a storm. The commute was slow, but spending moments like that with my sister are priceless.

Driving up to the Glen Helen I was a little shocked to see so much dirt road. I should’ve done my research on this place. I was pressed for time as media was told that tickets needed to be picked up no later than 3:30pm…guess what time I arrived? Yep, you got it! 3:30 pm on the dot and still had to make my way from the parking lot to the ticketing booth. Luckily, the box office was empathic to everyone’s situation considering the rain and stayed open for a few hours beyond the cut-off. As we waited in line the rain began to come down hard. It was as if I took a second shower and this one didn’t make me feel too good.

Powerhouse 2017 @ The Glen Helen Amphitheater 5/6/17
Powerhouse 2017 @ The Glen Helen Amphitheater 5/6/17 // Photo credit: Kevin Wong (@iamkevinwong) – Used With Permission

The first plan of action: get to the closest restroom to wipe the mascara that was dripping onto my face. Second: find out where I could get a good view of the main stage. I really wanted to head to the Who’s Next Stage to see Flip Major, but the way my body froze after being hit with a double-dose of rain and wind, I could barely move. We decided to park ourselves on the lawn. There was no point in sitting since the grass was soaking wet, but we made it a mission to get as close to a large group of people to absorb some of their body heat.

We made it in time to see MadeinTYO, Post Malone and my favorite, Dom Kennedy. Dom’s music always takes me back to college where I was formally introduced me to his music. His singles “My Type of Party” and “Still Callin'” were a staple at every college house party. It was a moment of nostalgia hearing those songs and I was elated I got to see him live for the first time. Next up was Post Malone, I’ve seen this guy way too many times and each time I’m impressed. Seeing him perform a few years ago at Fool’s Gold Day Off til now, I can see how much he’s grown. Congratulations!

The freezing cold day progressed timely as Kid Ink, Derrero and Jeremih all graced the stage. Jeremih’s performance was one for the books as he had a few sexy dancers join him on stage. Aside from his impressive catalog, he brought out the man behind hits like Terror Squad’s “Lean Back” and Lil’ Kim’s “Lighter’s Up”, Scott Storch. It’s always entertaining to see music’s OGs introduce themselves to the younger generation. I’m sure the kids in the audience had no idea who he was but was as equally impressed as I was with his piano rendition of The Game and Jeremih’s hit single, “All Eyes.” That man is gifted!

Powerhouse 2017 @ The Glen Helen Amphitheater
Powerhouse 2017 @ The Glen Helen Amphitheater // Photo credit: Kevin Wong (@iamkevinwong) – Used With Permission

The rain held up for a bit throughout the performances, but the wind was knocking everyone around. Things seemed to calm down a bit once DJ Khaled hit the stage. I missed him at Coachella this year, so seeing him on the Powerhouse stage was worth it. He performed a medley of hits including his latest number one featuring Justin Beiber, Chance The Rapper, Lil’ Wayne and Quavo titled “I’m The One.” I’m not a huge fan of the song, but the chorus is catchy so I grooved to it alongside everyone else.

As the night grew nearer Young Money’s frontman Lil’ Wayne made a late but much-anticipated appearance. As one of the headliners for Powerhouse 2017, Wayne proved exactly why he was granted that spot. His catalog is out of this world! I saw him a few nights before at The Palladium with opener CyHi The Prynce and didn’t care if I saw the same set again. I could never get enough of “Go DJ,” “Mr. Carter,” and the ladies anthem, “Mrs. Officer.” I definitely could go on as a number of his mixtape songs are high up on my all-time favorite list, but I’ll save that for another time. It was nice to see his complete set and know that his fan base is consistent no matter how many years he’s been in the game.

I left before Big Sean closed things out. I couldn’t feel my hands or feet by the time Lil’ Wayne exited the stage. Heading back to the car seemed surreal and the thought of driving two hours back home was starting to settle in. Having not eaten since leaving the house didn’t help either. I was delusional at that point.

Powerhouse 2017 @ The Glen Helen Amphitheater 5/6/17
Powerhouse 2017 @ The Glen Helen Amphitheater 5/6/17 // Photo credit: Kevin Wong (@iamkevinwong) – Used With Permission

I didn’t complain too much about missing Sean’s set as I saw him a few weeks before at The Observatory in Santa Ana on the I Decided Tour. He’s always a great performer and I’m sure he didn’t disappoint this time around. I did receive a message from another news source stating that although his performance was stellar, his set suffered over $6,000 worth of damages due to hail. Hail?! Yeah, I’m glad I was out of there before that even started. The show was postponed for 10 minutes, but without hesitation, Big Sean returned to the stage and closed things out on a high note. He’s so dope for that.

Can’t wait to see next year’s line-up. I’m praying that the weather will be a lot better and the festivities remain the same. Good job Power 106! Powerhouse 2017 was lit!