Jake Davis at Santa Monica Pier's Twilight Concert 8/25/16. Photo by Elise Hillinger (@Ela_Fauxtow) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

Santa Monica’s “Emerging Artist” Winner Jake Davis Gives Seasoned Twilight Concert Performance [REVIEW+PHOTOS] REVIEW+PHOTOS: Jake Davies at Santa Monica Pier's Twilight Concert 8/25/16

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE REST OF OUR COVERAGE OF SANTA MONICA PIER’S TWILIGHT CONCERT SERIES Hailing from across the hills in Sherman Oaks, CA, Jake Davis was the winner of Santa Monica’s Emerging Artist Competition, whose prize was to be the opener for the billed acts Cibo Matto and Save Ferris.  Performing alongside best friends James […]

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John Lennon’s First Acid Trip as an animated short

Rolling Stone gives the people a groovy new illustration of the Beetles first experience with acid through the narration of John Lennon in this animated video. After checking out the video, head over to rollingstones.com for a fascinating story on how this night inspired the band’s Revolver album, arguable their best work, as well as how it […]

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Apple’s iPhone 8 will feature the radical new redesign

  Apple’s 2017 iPhone is shaping up to be an incredibly intriguing device. Echoing previous speculation from the rumor mill, a new report from Bloomberg relays that the iPhone 8 (Apple may skip the iPhone 7s nomenclature) will not ship with a mechanical home button. “Apple is already at work on a major redesign of the […]

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Colin Kaepernick explains why he sat during national anthem

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has willingly immersed himself into controversy by refusing to stand for the playing of the national anthem in protest of what he deems are wrongdoings against African Americans and minorities in the United States. His latest refusal to stand for the anthem — he has done this in at […]

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UEFA Champions League: The Group Draw It’s time for Europe’s biggest football competition, the UEFA Champions League

It’s time for Europe’s biggest football competition, the UEFA Champions League. 32 European teams will be drawn at 4pm GMT on Thursday at the UEFA headquarters in Monaco. There are four pots and eight groups. A team from each pot goes into each of the eight groups. UEFA Champions League: The Group Draw Group A: […]

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