Joon Moon Showers The Mercury Lounge With A Moonshine Corner [PHOTOS] REVIEW+PHOTOS: JOON MOON @ MERCURY LOUNGE 9/29/17

Joon Moon @ Mercury Lounge 9/29/17.Photo by Mike Golembo (@Instalembo) for

Joon Moon @ Mercury Lounge 9/29/17.Photo by Mike Golembo (@Instalembo) for

Lower East Side, NY- Formed in the heart of Paris’ art district in Montematre, Joon Moon- a trio consisting of Julien Decoret, Raphael Chassin, and Krystle Warren- performed last Friday at NYC’s Mercury Lounge as part of the release for their album Moonshine Corner. Before getting into the specifics of the show, I wanted to mention that the overall feel throughout the night was one of calmness. It was very low-key but at the same time inspiring. You’d hardly recognize that this was an album release show but not for a brief mention by Krystle. Frankly, I think that’s how they wanted the vibe to be.

Another tidbit worth pointing out is that Joon Moon is quite an unusual trio. They present a level of professionalism that you don’t often see from artists these days. From the way they dressed, to how they came on stage, it all screamed “sophistication!” Julien on the piano was wearing a slim-fit white dress shirt tucked into dark pants paired with similarly colored dress shoes. His look was all fashionable and embodied the kind of sophistication I would have expected from a Frenchman. The same can be said about Raphael on the drums. Sharing facial characteristics of Javier Bardem (I know he’s from Spain), Raphael was drumming in a dress shirt and blazer. Krystle was also rocking a sport coat on stage. When was the last time you’ve seen artists so well dressed at a concert? Depending on your age, most likely never. You’re lucky if Bieber puts on a graphic tee, let alone a blazer.

Anyway, back to the actual musical performance. This being an album release show, Joon Moon played the entirety of the album spectacularly. Where their professionalism stood out was through their musicality. Julien not only played flawlessly on the keyboard, but also transitioned to an acoustic guitar for “Slilverado”, and my goodness was it magical. With a dim spotlight on him solely, he proceeded to pluck away at the strings with an ease and calmness. I remember the room being silent and still with the audience hanging onto every note radiating from his guitar. The only sound besides the ones coming from the stage was of my camera shutter. At one point I felt a bit self-conscious because I was afraid I was disturbing the performance!

Raphael on the drums was not only an excellent drummer but was intermittently hitting notes a small keyboard mounted on the drum set. It was quite a sight. With his left hand he’s keeping a steady drum-beat while simultaneously with his right hand adding synths and sounds via the keyboard. It was incredibly impressive and I couldn’t keep my eyes (and camera) off his artistic dexterity.

And last, but certainly not least, what made Joon Moon’s concert an absolutely special experience was Krystle Warren’s voice. She came up on stage quite nonchalantly and had her hands in her pockets as she was getting ready to sing, looking almost uncomfortable in a way. However, as soon as she opened her mouth to sing, her smooth yet powerful vocals filled the venue with an indescribable warmth. She has such a  uniquely classic sound, reminiscent of the 40’s or 50’s but with a modern edge. For how strong and reverberating her singing was, it appeared almost effortless in the way she hit her notes.

I can’t comment enough on how much I enjoyed seeing Joon Moon perform. It was a true pleasure and I highly recommend you go check out their new album Moonshine Corner, and to see them live when they’re in your neck of the woods!

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