LOS ANGELES, CA- If there’s one thing that lifts my spirits during these trying times, it’s getting inspired by witnessing today’s youth rocking hard and being creative.

I’ve been impressed with the Los Angeles based sibling trio Speed Of Light for a few years now, and these kiddies knock the boots of my socks every time I see them perform live. Cameron, Riley, and Tyler have just released a new song that not only knocks the boots off my socks but also breaks them into a hundred little pieces.

“Break” is their newest single, and it’s an original song that’s filled the kind of grit and angst you’d expect from long-standing, grizzled alternative metal acts.  The hook of “I break everything” is simple, but it really encapsulates the pent up unease of the times, and it’s hard not to want to bang your head and yell along with Riley as she sings it.

The official music video (which was shot pre-COVID), was recorded at Seahorse Sound Studio and was filmed live, with no overdubs and no double tracking.  It’s a straight-up live studio recording with an audience and really allows for the kid’s talent and charisma to shine.

If you want to experience more of Speed of Light, you can also check out a BRAND NEW live performance by Speed of Light will be streamed on Bands In a Barbershop’s official website this Saturday at 7:30 pm for Echo Park Rising 2020. Make sure you check it

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