LOS ANGELES, CA- It’s not guaranteed that your offspring will inherit your talent and skills, but sometimes the bloodline is too rich to be denied. 2nd Generation Wu proves this hypothesis.

The group consists of the offspring of one of Hip Hop’s most illustrious collectives; The Wu-Tang Clan. The members consist of U-God’s son iNTeLL, Method Man’s son PXWER, Ghostface Killah’s son SUN GOD, and Young Dirty Bastard, son of the late “Old Dirty Bastard.

2nd Generation Wu has some big shoes to fill, but their ominously gritty sonics harken all of the goodness that their father’s first layed down on wax back in 1992. iNTeLL (U-God’s son) described 2nd Generation Wu as, “What would Hip Hop sound like on Jupiter,” and his descriptor is pretty spot on. Cosmic vibes and raw vocals highlight what this group has to offer to the hip-hop landscape.

They take that cosmic vibe and visualize it in their latest video for the remix of their cut “New Generation”. Using psychedelic effects and spacey visuals, the visuals complement the song’s production value. As an added bonus, Method Man steps up for a verse towards the song’s end, which symbolizes an acknowledgment of roots while also protecting the new path that this generation is planning on embarking on.

The video was directed by Ken Ngwa and iNTell explained that the group, “pontificated about where the next frontier of Hip Hop would be … If it’s already permeated every crevice of the earth, the next journey is into the stars. Once we had the direction, we looked for locations we could manipulate in post-production. Being cinephiles as well as musicians, we instantly thought about Planet of the Apes and how the characters and the audience believed it was a different planet even though the beach was as familiar as Earth’s.”

“New Generation” is 2nd Generation Wu’s 2nd single (their debut of single “7.O.D.” dropped last Fall) and we have a feeling that they’ll be blazing more paths in the years to come.

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2nd Generation Wu
2nd Generation Wu