We had our own anti white flare up recently here at Blurred Culture by 2 non white members of our own team (story coming soon) so we decided to dive in to why people of color feel so comfortable being so racist out in the open. Charlie Cheon talks about the rising tide of racial hatred against White people that some are refusing to acknowledge is happening. Six minutes of this sixteen minute video is a compilation of what people are saying about White people online. Take a look for yourself, and ask yourself: where is all of this going?

We can take a peek into the future by examining what is going on in this cultural climate: segregation and hatred of White people, sanctioned by government and law. You can shout all you want that such policies are remedial in nature, but that does not make it so. It is not true that people of color don’t have the power to discriminate against White people. It’s just that we are taking advantage of our newfound cultural power and change in social dynamics to propagate this falsehood while engaging in active discrimination. The schoolyard bully often says “I’m not bullying you” as he does just that. We’re going backwards. “History doesn’t repeat but it often rhymes.”

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