NEW YORK, NY- In a contemporary music culture chock full of pop princesses, 17-year-old New York pop artist Victoria Dennis releases a new single that establishes her not as a copycat, but a contemporary.

From its opening chords, “Can’t Do This Again” is a heartbreak anthem in the key of JoJo (specifically drawing from “Leave (Get Out)”) layered with subtle trap-beat hints that bring forth the obvious Ariana Grande comparison. A slightly more mainstream departure from her previous singles, including 2018’s “Fire Kind,” this song allows Dennis’ sticky sweet vibrato to shine more. With lyrics lamenting the loss of “those perfect nights” while navigating the universal terrain of a breakup (“Right now it sucks, but I know I’ll be alright”), Dennis croons with a rich tone that places her among the ranks of others like Sabrina Carpenter and Phoebe Ryan.

As Dennis, a seasoned performer who has taken the stage at the legendary Apollo Theater, continues down this musical path, she can hone in on her capabilities to set herself apart from the run-of-the-mill songstress. Her tone is centered, rich when it needs to be, filling in all of the blanks that make for a pitch-perfect Gen-Z pop anthem. Read her lips, you’ll know… At this rate, we may be listening to the next Selena Gomez.

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Victoria Dennis. Can't Do This Again.
Victoria Dennis. Can’t Do This Again.