Ripsaw EV Series (Extreme Vehicles) super tank platforms are one of the world’s most sought after high performance, luxury vehicles.  Originally designed and built for the military as a light weight, go fast super tank, Ripsaw proved to be the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed, as it graced the covers of magazines such as Popular Science and won awards for invention of the year.   Since 2013, Howe and Howe Tech has spent thousands of man hours developing these beautiful yet rugged and refined consumer based Ripsaw chassis’s for the high end luxury market and extreme off-road enthusiast.

The Ripsaw EV3-F1 is a single seater twin-track leisure tank with a 727 cubic inch Hellcat Hemi engine stuck in. It makes up to 1,500 horsepower, and it tears up terrain at a truly frightening pace.

Its air suspended cockpit (which opens up like a jet fighter’s, of course), holds a lone driver in with a 5-point racing harness. And you’ll need it; the Ripsaw might feature 16 inches of suspension travel to soak up some rough terrain, but this thing weighs 7,750 lb (3,315 kg) and accelerates, wheelies and jumps like a freakin’ two stroke dirt bike.

You think we’re kidding, but it’s one thing to hear the numbers, and another thing altogether to see this thing in action. It hardly looks real how fast and loose this vehicle is. The EV3-F1 looks like some kind of movie special effect in real life. It’s that ludicrous.

Enjoy the video above, I sure did.

Pricing starts at half a million….