In April 1994, South Africa held its first democratic elections and all races went to the polls to bury apartheid for good. But hopes of a new dawn have been tarnished by fraud and corruption at the highest levels. Racist attacks against whites and foreigners has been increasing year after year. Most recently President Jacob Zuma is attempting to issue a farm repatriation of white farms and place them in control of black farmer wit giving whites no compensation. The video below show the President of South Africa Jacob Zuma singing “Kill the Boer” aka “Kill the White Man” at ANC Centenery Celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa in 2012.

Yes, this really happened and he remained in power. He currently in 2017 has over 700 charges of corruption and since the end of apartheid South Africa has become one of the most violent nations in the world. The dreams of a “Rainbow Nation” back in 1994 are quickly turning on into a failed nation state. Velaphi Khumalo the man who took to Facebook to call for the “cleansing” of white people from South Africa has been reinstated in his provincial government job after being suspended on full pay, according to a report. Bellow is one of his social media postings :



The wildly racist post would certainly end the career of any American politician but seems to have been brushed under the table as the corrupt, repressive regime leads the county down the path of violence and instability. Since 1994, tens of thousands of people have been harassed, attacked or killed because of their status as outsiders or foreign nationals (PDF).


It’s a familiar escalating narrative: vigilante groups accuses foreign migrants of local crime and go on attack, the government blames “criminal elements,” the public marches against xenophobia, and little more is done to prevent future violence. In frustration, Nigeria has gone straight to the African Union to urge the continental body to step in before previous years’ killings are repeated, according to a media report on Feb. 21.

Earlier this month, South Africans accusing foreigners of bringing drugs and prostitution to their neighborhood torched the homes of African migrants. Johannesburg’s mayor accompanied police on a subsequent raid of the area, apparently making good on an election promise to rid the city of crime and people who are here “illegally.”  In the video bellow you can see a story from CNN where South Africnas were attacking Somali and Nigerian immigrants.

A country with so much hope and promise after Nelson Mandela became the countries first black president is decending into corruption, racist attacks against whites and foreigners. Are good friends at Now This have put together a “How Corrupt Is South Africa?” video that will fully explain just how bad the ANC is destroying the country.