AUSTIN, TX – There’s a hot new band making some noise in Texas, and if you’re looking for a young, new band to impress your friends with, you should tell ’em to check out THE CUCKOOS from Austin.

Formed in 2014, THE CUCKOOS (composed of Kenneth Frost, Dave North, Eric Ross, and Cole Koenning) is a modern band that draws its inspiration from classic and tested sonics. Classic Rock magazine named them “The #1 Psych Rock band to see live” but to call them just a psychedelic rock band would be a disservice to them and the rocking music that they make.

With “Carpe Diem”, there’s a new wave thrust with sprinkles of proto-punk throughout amidst the heavy distorted guitars. Of the song, the band’s frontman, Kenneth, states:

Carpe Diem is an older track I wrote when I was probably about 16 or 17 that we reworked recently […It started out as just another vague psychedelic track with a sense of escapism to it but it’s kind of evolved into a very heavy post punky, Iggy Pop meets Billy Idol, kind of thing.”

He delved deeper into the song, speaking about its underlying message:

 “I feel like I try to be a very positive person. The kind to always look on the bright side. And sometimes you run into people that have the opposite outlook on things. Some people say nothing you do in life has a purpose or matters. It all ends when we die. And to that, I’d just say, “Fine. Then let’s have a good time before we die.” And I think that’s all the songs really trying to say. Make your days count. Look at the Brightside. It may not all go according to plan, but you can at least enjoy the night!”

Having released a handful of musically adventurous new tracks since their decidedly more psychedelic, self-titled 2017 EP, it sounds like these young gents are evolving their sound into something really new and exciting, and I’m all for watching them grow into their own.

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THE CUCKOOS. Photo courtesy of SRO PR. Used with permission.
THE CUCKOOS. Photo courtesy of SRO PR. Used with permission.