Having a Ferrari in the garage has never been an option for everyone. In addition to the cars’ high prices, the iconic Cavallino brand tends to aim for exclusivity, as with the Ferrari Daytona SP3, the company’s most powerful model. Only 599 units will be sold, and each one will be released at a price of two million euros, in addition to taxes.

But according to Business Insider, that exclusivity goes beyond prices and limited editions. The outlet reveals that the brand itself decides who is allowed to drive their dazzling cars. And Ferrari maintains a list of celebrities banned from taking the wheel.

Justin Bieber

Several years ago, Justin Bieber forgot where he parked his Ferrari 458 while driving drunk. He spent two weeks looking for it. Ferrari also considers Bieber’s alterations to their cars to be vulgar and out of line with their image as a brand.

Curtis James Jackson

The rapper and actor, better known as 50 Cent, has landed on the Maranello company’s blacklist for several reasons, among them Instagram posts about one of the cars, which the company considered inappropriate. They were also displeased with images of the artist washing his Ferrari with champagne.

Nicholas Cage

The actor had to sell his Ferrari Enzo in order to pay off personal debts. The Italian brand was unhappy that he sold the model for less than the original value.

Chris Harris

The car influencer, whose appearance on the show Top Gear catapulted him to fame, is banned from entering the Ferrari building, due to an article he published called “How Ferrari Spins.” The journalist mentioned that the company optimized its models for press trials, an accusation that upset the brand.


In 2013, Joel Tomas Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, gave his Ferrari 458 Spider a personal touch. The brand did not appreciate the artist’s liberties, and they asked him to return the car to them in its original state. Deadmau5 ignored the warnings, and Ferrari almost sued him.