TORONTO, ON- Tasha the Amazon is a JUNO-nominated artist, producer, and all-around bad gyal whose rap stylings have evolved since her 2016 debut Die Every Die.  Recent singles like “Forver Ting” and “Helluva Ride” show Tasha really focusing on melody, and that melodic focus seems to be most reflected in her single “Not The Same”. Unlike her hard-hitting bangers “Prayers” and “That Ain’t You”- each off her debut album- which lean ominous and brooding, “Not the Same” is light and playful, and definitely has a summer-type vibe.

Tasha The Amazon drops a music video for “Not the Same” which is as equally light and dreamy as the song. Of the video, Tasha says:

“We were gonna film a video by the L.A. River for that mix of concrete meets green,, but a friend in L.A. asked us if we’d ever seen the Toronto version of the river, and we realized… we didn’t know it even existed. The whole song is about the day ones I came up with, so it felt truer to pay homage to the unexplored vibes we have right here in Toronto. We trekked out with the lowrider and found water and graffiti and ducks and good feels…and I finally got to rap on a waterfall like Left Eye.”

And like Left Eye, Tasha, this song and its video will have you smiling and grooving throughout.

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