LOS ANGELES, CA- There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world right now, and sometimes it can all get quite overbearing. Everyone’s got their own crosses to bear, but it never hurts to have a friendly voice reassure you that despite it all, it will all get better. Even if only for a moment.

The charismatic, Los Angeles based indie rock band SWIMM, is hoping to offer those words reassurance with their hypnotically soothing song “Feel Better”. With its crisp production, and Chris Hess’ (aka “Cookie”) lulling vocals, the song as about as perfect as can be a lazy summer afternoon. Its sonics offer a sense of calm… a meditation almost … whose mantra is rooted in strength in the face of adversity.

The song has a significant meaning for the band, particularly for Cookie. Of the song, Cookie says:

“‘Feel Better’ started with the story of someone that’s very close to me. I’d witnessed some really disgusting behavior by some people in her life. Really cliche forms of abuse of power that you hear about in Hollywood but it was the first time I’d seen it up close. It affected me profoundly. This song was me telling the story of the initial bravery she had in making the big move across the country to LA to pursue her ambitions. I did a similar thing but I was older than she was when she did it and I also had the support of a bandmate. It just wows me to think of her having the courage to do that on her own and since she’s made a career for herself and has continued to grow into one of the strongest, sweetest people I know. Obviously this year has recontextualized the meaning of everything right? So having a song that sort of meditatively repeats the words “feel better” feels more than fitting. Singing it has been quite therapeutic and I can only hope it has that effect for listeners.” Cookie

The official video, directed, by SWIMM’s drummer, Adam Winn, is a simple, yet gorgeous series of images of a solitary woman in red running across the sands along the Pacific coastline. The vibrant and sweeping panoramic shots give the lullaby-like melody a true sense of sublime grandeur.

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SWIMM- Press Photo. Used with permission.
SWIMM- Press Photo. Used with permission.