Beautiful Thugger Girls marks Young Thug’s first new release since last year’s widely acclaimed mixtape, JEFFERY. The fourteen track album features appearances by Millie Go Lightly, Future, Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Durk, and Jacquees. With songs like “Daddy’s Birthday” and “She Wanna Party,” the down south rapper is tapping into a new side of his artistry.

Claiming to be the new Tupac, Young Thug is stepping out of his Hip-Hop box and putting on his square dancing shoes. The project is not only impressive but acts as the perfect day riding soundtrack. Thug exercises his vocals tremendously on Beautiful Thugger Girls. Clearly, he’s gunning for something big this year showing off his versatility. He effortlessly mixes a variety of genres including, R&B and country music to assist with his pursuit.

Listen to Beautiful Thugger Girls below.