Dumbfoundead Foreigner Album Cover

Los Angeles emcee Dumbfoundead has coined himself the leader of the outsiders and wears his title well. Flipping the negative connotation associated with being an immigrant, Dumbfoundead explores what it means to belong and feel embraced in his new project, Foreigner

Born in Buenos Aires to Korean immigrants, smuggled into Mexico, raised in K-town Los Angeles where he later freestyled at open mics in Leimert Park at Project Blowed and was part of the last generation of Blowedians, Dumbfoundead is now a force to be reckoned with not only in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene but also internationally as a viral hip-hop ambassador.

Dumbfoundead explains, “The Foreigner project is for all the outsiders. As an Asian-American (a.k.a. gyopo) I never knew where I belonged. I had two identities, neither one being fully accepting me. Even when I visited Korea, my home country, I felt like a Foreigner. While I didn’t fully understand the language, I was still embraced by those who followed my music. This mini-album is my first project ever distributed in Korea and I wanted to flip the word “Foreigner” (which is usually used in a negative way) into something positive.”

The five-track EP features guest appearances by Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK, Chancellor, Mom, G.Soul, Jessi, Year of the Ox and many others. It’s filled with speaker throttling beats, mind-blowing lyrics, and is an emphasis on the Korean culture.

Foreigner EP Tracklist
1) 형(Hyung) (Feat. Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK)
2) History of Violence (Feat. Chancellor)
3) Upgrade (2.0) ft. 엄마 (Mom)
4) 물 (Water) (Feat. G.Soul)
5) Send Me To War (Feat. Jessi, Year of the Ox)

Foreigner is available for download now.

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