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Spoon @ Apogee Studios 3/7/17. Photo by Larry Hirshowitz. Courtesy of KCRW. Used With Permission.
Spoon with Anne Lit @ Apogee Studios 3/7/17. Photo by Larry Hirshowitz. Courtesy of KCRW. Used With Permission.

Ahead of the release of their a new album (“Hot Thoughts” which is set to drop March 17, 2017) and an unheard of 3 night residency at SXSW, Spoon made a pit stop in Los Angeles to tape an intimate performance for KCRW.

Spoon @ Apogee Studios 3/7/17. Setlist.One of indie rock’s premiere bands, and clearly one of KCRW host Anne Lit’s favorites as evidenced by her bold proclamation that they were one of the greatest bands of this generation, Spoon played a 13 song set that included both new material and their hits. Clearly, this band is ready rock venues around the world in support of their forthcoming release. Musically, they sounded crisp and clean, even opening their performance with a non-stop barrage of songs that seamlessly segued immediately into one another.

I totally reveled in hearing some of the older songs from their repertoire. It’s been a while since I played it last, but I was reminded of how awesome songs like their 2002 track “Small Stakes” was during this performance. Their new material sounded excellent. I was particularly impressed with the song “I Ain’t The One”, which is an emotional rollercoaster of a jam that crests and troughs through some sonic badassery. Each of the new tracks they played revealed a certain level of musical exploration that demonstrates that Spoon clearly took some musical risks with this album and will clearly give their fans some terrific ear candy.

In the middle of the band’s performance, Anne Lit interviewed Britt Daniel to discuss the album. Britt jokingly expressed his gratitude about not having to be in the KCRW studio early in the morning before they got into the nitty gritty of the songwriting and recording process. Britt spoke on those topics as well as delving into a little bit of the origins of the band, and some humorous stories of their music debuting on an airline and a Spoon cover band that played and afterparty in a club across the street from one of their gigs.

Spoon’s performance at Apogee Studios will be broadcast and streamed on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic on March 22nd, 2017. Don’t miss out.

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