NEW YORK, NEW YORK- On April 22nd, the multi-platinum band Shinedown will be releasing their 7th studio album, Planet ZeroThe album’s lead single, also titled “Planet Zero”, has had the band’s fanbase salivating for more, as the track already hit #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Airplay Chart this week. The single is Shinedown’s 17th #1 and sixth consecutive chart-topper, breaking a new record for the most #1s in the 40-year history of the chart.

Shinedown has been kicking some modern rock ass for the past two decades, and if “Planet Zero” is any indication, they’ll be taking more names with their new album. Described as their “most ambitious and masterfully realized work to date”, Planet Zero will shine a light on today’s societal ills and tensions, including “the increasingly toxic division among those of differing ideologies, the need for honesty in our public discourse, and the corrosive effects of social media and cancel culture on mental health and humanity.”

With their trademark, heavy-hitting riffs and Brent Smith’s searing vocals, the music blares the message, as proffered by the band, “that if we shut each other down, we risk losing empathy, respect for one another, and our ability to communicate and unify in a way that leads to actual progress and understanding.”

“Look at me, I’m not lookin’ for a favor I’m just lookin’ for an axe to grind All hail power to the people Except you, you check the box we don’t like”

(Lyrics from “Planet Zero”)

The video, directed by Charles De Meyer, brings the dystopian future they sing about to life, including a “character” whose voice is featured throughout the album, a menacing A.I. character named Cyren. Of the video, Brent says:

“We wanted the first visual of ‘Planet Zero’ to be unlike anything we have done previously. We chose to work with visionary director Charles De Meyer. We did not want a traditional music video feel – we wanted avant-garde, thought-provoking and surreal. Make no mistake, there is a message in the visual, a warning of what is to come, if society does not wake up, and demand the truth be told. Welcome to PLANET ZERO…”

Shinedown will kick off the U.S. Leg of The Revolution’s Live Tour beginning April 1, and start their UK and European run In June. For tickets and all show details, please visit

You can pre-order Planet Zero HERE. Each pre-order includes an instant download of “Planet Zero.” Follow Shinedown on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Shinedown. Photo by Jimmy Fontaine. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.
Shinedown. Photo by Jimmy Fontaine. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.