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Rostrum Records, an independent label known for its artist-centered approach, announced the signing of an exclusive partnership with up-and-coming rapper Caleb Brown. The young rapper’s label, Do L.I.F.E. Records, will be working alongside Rostrum Records to release his debut project “All Dawgs Go To Heaven 2.” To commemorate their new partnership, a re-released version of his single, “W$GT$,” premiered today. Links to his music can be found via iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

The 18-year-old artist is most notably known for his “W$GT$” music video, which premiered on All Def Digital in December 2016. At the time of its release, Brown’s hometown of Baton Rouge, La. was facing the aftermath of the Alton Sterling incident and historic flooding. He felt compelled to release a Baton Rouge anthem like “W$GT$” because he believed his city was in need of a revival. The CMPLX produced track was supported by his hometown and fans across the nation who collectively helped it accumulate nearly 200K views on YouTube.

Caleb Brown Press Photo - Photo Credit Rostrum Records

“We were automatically impressed with the mature, insightful, yet fresh perspective we heard in his music,” said Nicole Plantin, Head of A&R at Rostrum Records. “His descriptiveness has the ability to give you a snapshot of what his world looks and feels like. It was so refreshing to hear this from someone who was just 17 when he created [W$GT$]. We, at Rostrum, are so excited about the amazing music he will continue to create, and to see him grow as an artist and young business man.”

Before signing to Rostrum, this high school senior received recognition from outlets like XXL as well as Pigeons and Planes. Both listed Brown as an under-the-radar rapper on the rise. His forthcoming project, “All Dawgs Go To Heaven 2” is slated for release later this year. Until then, he plans to attend his high school graduation in May and become the next artist from Baton Rouge to proudly represent his city.

“In all honesty it’s a blessing to be working with the genuine people over at Rostrum,” said Brown. “I’m humbled. A lot of my friends didn’t get to see me make it to this point and everybody in my city is rooting for me so it’s off to the races on making this project. We want to create a universal legacy.”

This young MC’s future is already proving to be successful due in part to support from Rostrum Records, his hometown and the writers who continue to take note of his steady rise. To find out more about Brown and his project, follow his journey on social media here….