Blending old-school garage with contemporary UKG vibes, ‘Blue Skys’ boasts optimistic, forward-looking two-step energy that showcases an audible representation of the limitless potential associated with the song’s title concept.

West Midlands production duo K Dubz and Refresh Urmindz have been working together for a number of years now and their first project was Destiny, which served as a signal of what was to come.

With K Dubz also crafting his reputation across grime music and Refresh Urmindz building his rep as a mix engineer, Blue Skys is their first collaboration as a production duo.

Taking inspiration from Wookie, Roy Davis Jr, Flava D and Sticky, K Dubz and Refresh Urmindz offer a flash forward into the realms of what UKG can offer in 2023.

Stream ‘Blue Skies’ here