LOS ANGELES, CA- When I first saw Prof on stage his energy was through the roof. Water flying everywhere, girls screaming, fans moshing and rapping to all these songs I had never heard before. His captivating performance continued into his striking music videos and provoking lyrics. The Minnesota rapper released his latest album, Pookie Baby, to reveal another side of Prof. His new clean-cut and matured look reveals how this Rhymesayers MC is staying true to his wild personality while maintaining his artistic growth. We were able to speak with Prof about the new album and motivation behind his intense performances.


So you’re with Rhymesayers, coming from Minneapolis and built your own following. Why do you think your fans connected to you and your stories?

Probably the live show.  Before I got signed to Rhymesayers, I sold out a show with over four thousand people.

Right, your Prof Outdoors. 

Yeah, then I got signed.

That’s crazy. Well, congrats on “Pookie Baby”!  Is this project going to be any different than the stuff you’ve released before?

Yeah, absolutely. “Pookie Baby” is a little more grown, a little more serious about things. Sexy, suit and tie shit. Like the most interesting man in the world on acid who is in love. So there’s like love songs in “Pookie Baby” that I’m just singing some pretty incredible shit. I’ve got […] Ashley DuBose on the track “Be Around” and she’s a way better singer than me. She was on The Voice. And it’s just a love song with upbeat shit like that …  but it’s still got really crazy super ignorant turn-up stuff.

With love songs like that, would you say this project is geared toward the ladies?

Mmmmm… Yeah. Some songs are focused on love and sex, but there are definitely some for men to get aggressive and take testosterone shots if they want. I got songs for you too.

I’m really excited for your new album because some of these songs I actually really like.

Yeah, I’ve heard that one. “Wow I actually kinda like that song”

(Nervous laugher) Wow sorry, that was messed up.

No! That’s extremely real and that’s what I want! I did an interview and he was a total hip-hop head. And I get a lot of hate from the backpack community that are like ‘Nah dude, I’m Evidence, Atmosphere, and shit.’ Like, dude those are my best buddies, I hang out with Evidence. But he said “I kinda found myself thinking should I like this song? It’s so different. Is this stupid? Is it good?” For me, that’s exactly what I want. That’s art. When you look at something and you’re like hold on, time out. I don’t know how I feel about this.

How did you first get into rapping?

I’m from Minneapolis. I just had to. That’s what happens up there. It’s a different culture than out here. You know how you have West Coast gangbanging? Yeah, you have gangs everywhere but it’s not nearly like this and it’s not reflected in the music. A lot of us from the Southside would battle rap and freestyle together.

From what I hear in your music you come from a pretty dark past. Would you say rap and music helped you get through that?

No doubt. It kept me busy and that’s what I was doing. I was so focused on that shit. I was committing crimes too, but every minute I was rapping, I was not doing bad things […] I was just rapping more than doing crazy drugs and fucking people unprotected. So I don’t have any kids, I’m STD free and I’m paying my bills off rap. So yeah, rap really did save my life there.

You’re going on tour for your album. Where are you headed?

We’re going to start in Colorado, go down to Albuquerque in the desert. Come back up to Cali, the northwest, Vancouver. Here and there, just look it up. Pookie Baby Tour, Pookie Baby Record, Pookie Baby Cologne.

Wait, what? Cologne?

Yes, well it’s not a cologne or a perfume … it’s a fragrance. I made it unisex cause I want to sell it to everybody. I was able to sample everything and put things together. This is the first record that comes with a scent, so when you smell this you think of the record. It comes with one of those samples that comes in a magazine and if you like that you can buy the bottle. I think I’m the first rapper ever to have a sense of smell with their record.

Thanks for meeting with us Prof. What can you say to our Blurred Culture audience that may not know you?

Please don’t judge me immediately. Try to have an open heart. My name is Prof aka Pookie Baby aka goddamn you fine….haha whatever. And I’m just happy to be here with Kim.

Pookie Baby is available everywhere now catch Prof at one of his show-stopping performances.

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Prof. Pookie Baby. Album cover.
Prof. Pookie Baby. Album cover.