Preview of Space Jam sequel fall 2016


In the summer of 2015 LeBron James signed a movie deal with Warner Bros, the same company that brought us the hit movie Space Jam. The signing confirmed many hints of LeBron James starring in the sequel of the 90’s film that originally showcased Michael Jordan. There is no timetable on when to expect the actual film, but in autumn 2016 we can see a glimpse of LeBron showing us it’s still the King’s court with his version of the Tune jam 2

With the way this NBA offseason has been, the preview of the film is skipping theaters and coming straight to your living room. The Golden State Warriors have taken the place of the “Monstars” from the original film. Since the epic loss to LeBron’s’ Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, The Golden State Warriors are seeking revenge by recruiting more talent to make a run at another championship. They’ve added a highly coveted free agent, former league MVP Kevin Durant who ended a nine-year tenure with his former team: The Oklahoma City Thunder.


Another way this season may have a movie-like feel results from the amount of money the teams are allowed to spend, the recent cap limit increase is comparable to box office sales in theaters. For example, Mike Conley who signed a 153 million dollar deal to remain with The Memphis Grizzlies for another five seasons. Followed by The Finals MVP, who signed a three year deal to stay with the hometown Cavaliers for 100 million dollars, making him the highest paid player for the 2016-2017 season ($31 Million).  It’s scary to imagine what he is expected to be offered once the cap limit is raised even higher next free agency (projections are north of $250M).


Unlike in the first film, where Jordan faced one Monstar team, this preview will show there are multiple teams LeBron will have to defeat. Along with the Warriors making major headlines, is the fan driven team from the Big Apple, The New York Knicks. They are surprisingly looking to be a contender this upcoming season as they’ve added a former MVP themselves, Derrick Rose along with his Chicago Bulls teammate Joakim Noah. Though many teams are adding great additions we can’t forget about The San Antonio Spurs who have strategically defended LeBron well throughout his career. The Spurs continuously progress over the years as they sign the six-time all-star Pau Gasol.

The Cleveland Cavaliers (reigning champions) have their work cut out for them as teams are stocking up to bring down one man, LeBron James. His team has been fairly quiet this off-season not making many additions to their roster along with losing fan favorite “Delly” (Matthew Dallevedova). The team did manage to pull an unexpected move by acquiring Mike Dunleavy. The sharp shooting forward who can potentially co-star by playing a Bill Murray like role, helping save the day to take down the rapid growing league of Monstars.

special stuff

There is no indication that LeBron will need to bring out secret stuff from his arsenal in order to carry his team to victory, but if you’ve seen last years’ championship, no record is safe with LeBron James on the court.