LOS ANGELES, CA- Maintaining a band when you’re not living in the same city can be trying task, but when Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten were away at different colleges, they always came back home top LA during the summer’s to write, record and perform music. Over the past two years when they weren’t at school, they would hustle to put together tours opening for acts like Gang of Four and Ian Sweet and release their debut album Interloper in 2018.

Having hit their creative stride, they recorded new tracks for their forthcoming album which they’ve titled Two Of Me. Pulling inspiration from songwriters like Kim Deal, Liz Phair, and Elliot Smith, they’ve suggested that their new music really digs into song structure and a focus on lyrics.

The first single from Two Of Me is the catchy “Double Dare”. It’s a dreamy track which lulls you in with its rhythmic cadence and the young ladies’ dulcet vocals.  They’ve also concurrently released the single music video, which is directed by Ambar Navarro which uses lo-fi aesthetics to add to the dream-like state. Of the song and the video, Friedman and Weingarten explain:

“[“Double Dare” and its accompanying visual] tell the story of two lovers who go to a county fair, where they eventually run into trouble with some suburban teens. The boy engages in a fight, which ultimately leads to him being sent to an underground purgatory, known as the Bug House. We allude to these characters several times throughout the album, so if you look through the lyrics you may find some more connections.” 

Of the upcoming album, which is available to pre-order HERE,  the two explain:

“Two of Me’s songs are about coming to terms with the side of you within yourself that is maybe capable of darker things.”

If the rest of Two Of Me is anything like “Double Dare”, it’s a dare we’ll be more than willing to take.

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Momma. Press Shot. Photo by Matthew James Wilson. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.
Momma. Press Shot. Photo by Matthew James Wilson. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.