By Glen Harvey

The recent police shootings aimed at minorities have been heard around the world, leading to the urge of athletes to voice their opinion on the issues between law enforcement and inner city communities. Affected the most are communities where the victims lived, needing a helping hand to show they’re not alone during these disturbing times. The reigning WNBA Champion Minnesota Lynx have come to answer the request.

David Sherman/Getty Images

The Lynx who’s led by 3x finals MVP Maya Moore, showed up to warm ups before their game against a team like them, a community whose also been affected by this, The Dallas Wings, wearing shirts to honor victims in the recent fatal shots fired from police (Philando Castile, Alton Sterling). CHANGE, is a focal point on the front of shirts, followed by, starts with US. This seemed like a great idea to show something needs to be put in force to help decrease, and potentially end fatal shootings at the hands of police. The Minnesota Police department didn’t feel the same as four officers who were scheduled to work the game as security for the players “walked out” on the job once they noticed what the players were wearing. Not only did they not work that game, but they’ve removed themselves from working Lynx games in the future.

Lieutenant Bob Kroll, who is the president of the Minneapolis Police Federation states, “I commend them for it”, along with a statement of “all officers may refuse to work there.”(Via NBC Sports)


These actions by the police department say a lot after the affected communities have lobbied for celebrities to speak up against the killings, only to have the team forced to be quiet in order to have protection on the job. It seems that once you are PRO black lives matter you are immediately assumed to be AGAINST police, perhaps that’s their reasoning to departing the game.

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It’s hard to understand why the officers left the game, as the shirts also mourned the fallen officers from the Dallas police department. This viewed as an attempt to bring the two sides closer together, if anything the Minnesota police have created even more space with this stunt.