I like Michael Rapaport, I always have. I love what he’s done for the culture. But this is the softest shit I’ve ever heard of from a guy that talks more shit then almost anyone besides Lavar Ball. Rapaport is like the white Lavar Ball but at least Mike is usually grounded in real facts. After reading over the facts, watching the videos, seeing the tweets unless there is more to the story Mike you talked a little to much shit and now the fire has started. This is so weak and soft and the fact Barstool Sports exposed it in this fashion the day of all the drama is beyond a bad look for a guy that sales himself in the way Rapaport does. This is internet gold, this is drama from two shit talking camps. As I continue to scroll the internet in search of more I find a gem of a video where Rapaport begins calling a kid “Cracker Mother Fucker” & “Pasty White Cracker From Texas Who Hates Black People”. All because the kid said Rapaport was a “race baiter”. He threw racial slurs, insults and threatened to hit the kid in the face. WTF! I think Mike found some instagram fame recently and it’s now gone to the 47 year olds head. He’s an OG in the game but man, he sure isn’t acting like one. The fans of Barstool attacked the ratings on his Podcast and brought it significantly down, Barstool and it’s Stoolies have launched a full scale assault on Rapaport across the net. This is going to be the shit show of February until someone else fucks up.

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