Having built his name with a string of smash videos racking up close to 100,000 views, heavy co-signs from BBC, SBTV, GRM Daily and more, multifaceted London artist Marcello Spooks has cooked up his biggest heater yet with ‘Boom!’


‘Boom!’ pushes Marcello towards star status as he jumps on this high paced RVPH & Lewi White production, bringing bouncy kicks and deep basslines. 

“I wanted to use some sounds reminiscent of the  Eskimo era, so once RVPH put down that wavy ringing sample, I took the skeleton of the beat to Lewi White, who worked his magic. I think it pushes the boundaries of grime in terms of depth and progression.”

Flamboyance, lyrical prowess and cadence on the track are all combined with a visual storm from GRM Daily for a track which is hard to ignore, both fitting in and standing out as grime song to remember for 2016 and beyond.

“Boom’ allowed me to voice some serious observations in a playful tone whilst building energy throughout the song”