LOS ANGELES, CA- It was only a month ago that we discovered the sonic bliss that is The Rose of the West, and it would appear that other taste makers and publications are taking note of this new band’s “tapestry of brooding Beauty“.

Well, The Rose of the West is adding another beautiful patch to their musical tapestry with the release of their latest single, “Love Lies Bleeding“.

“Love Lies Bleeding”, like the band’s name, is inspired by the rare beauty of the exotic Eucalyptus macrocarpa (a red flower found in Western Australia). The flower is one that stands out in the barren desert patchwork of its domain despite harsh weather conditions, and like the flower “Love Lies Bleeding”, with its dark, dream-pop sonics, stands out with its lush and contemplative musicality, with their lead singer’s (Gina Barrington) voice floating delicately throughout.

Of the song, Ms. Barrington says:

“Another mysterious bloom, with foliage that resembles something spilling it’s beautiful guts out in lovely long strands of obvious truth. This song was born while walking through a plant nursery, in a very heavy-hearted conversation with a close friend, when she called my attention to it, and it so perfectly captured the moment, and I declared it would become the subject of my next song… 
it’s about how we so often live in denial, not stopping to open our eyes to what is starring us in the face, and we continue the same dangerous pattern until something happens and we finally see our own heartbreak….  then we start to understand what love is, or isn’t. “
Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Rose of the West. Photo by Nicole Zenoni. Courtesy of the band. Used with permission.
Rose of the West. Photo by Nicole Zenoni. Courtesy of the band. Used with permission.