Molly Kate

21-year-old Molly Kate Kestner is no stranger when telling it like it is. This time to help her come to terms with the ending of a relationship is Grammy-Award winner and OneRepublic lead vocalist Ryan Tedder who co-produced her newest single, “It’s You.” The mid-tempo single showcases Molly’s gritty range beautifully and is the follow up to punk rock inspired single, “Prom Queen.”

Kestner gets brutally honest on the track by stating, “It’s not me. It’s you.” As inspiration for the single she says, “It’s never easy breaking up with someone, so most of us tend to use cliché phrases to soften the blow. Lines like ‘I just need some time to work on myself’ or ‘It’s not you… it’s me.’ But the truth is, if you’re breaking up with someone, there’s a greater reason. And we’re usually thinking, ‘it’s NOT me, it’s YOU.’ So this song is about coming clean, cutting ties, and letting go of the fear of hurting someone. There is something incredibly empowering about simply being honest about how you feel.”

Listen to “It’s You” below.