18 Apr 2024
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LG Set to Release Its Own Levitating Speaker

lg_levitating_portable_speaker_blurred-cultureThey may seem a bit magical, but levitating speakers have been around for years, often looking as bizarre as the idea sounds. However, LG is the first major electronics brand to throw a product in the ring, and is doing so with its classy-looking, albeit blandly named, “Levitating Portable Speaker,” which will be unveiled to the public at CES in January.

The plain, white, somewhat egg-shaped speaker hovers over a round base, which LG calls the Levitation Station. The latter houses electromagnets that create the floating effect, and a subwoofer for deep bass. In addition to looking cool, the speaker also promises 360-degree sound and 10-hour battery life. The speaker is IPX7 water resistant and features a battery that promises 19 hours on a charge. Perhaps best of all, when the charge runs low, the speaker slowly descends onto the base station and fills its own battery back up. No word yet on pricing or availability.

Although LG’s Levitating Portable Speaker is not the first to market, its battery life and classy looks set it apart from its rivals. LG has not yet shared pricing information, but most other such devices cost in the range of $150 to $200, so the new speaker should cost about the higher end of that. We’ll likely find out more next month when LG shows off what this gadget can do.



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