As I scrolled through Instagram today I noticed a braggadocios friend of mine from my former days at BrealTV flexing about getting 17k streams on his sound cloud. So I took it upon myself to give the track a listen. Honestly I was expecting to hear trash and instead got a fucking dope track that actually had my head knocking.

E-Zone is the MC that starts off the track, “don’t mind his many fake rings on his fingers the kid can actually spit” he is then followed by my buddy, “the angry Cuban who loves the Dodgers to a degree it’s borderline obsession” Sheikadelic … The Sheik closes out the song like the beast that he is and the beat is fucking hard as fuck as well. In all it’s worth a listen as it’s refreshing in the day and age of autotune and mumble rap to actually hear some kids spit. Well done you fuck up’s, well done….