Kodak Black mysteriously canceled a concert last minute… The rapper was scheduled to perform in at the House of Blues in Boston earlier this evening, and TMZ claims that he mysteriously canceled the show at the last minute. Technically speaking, Kodak reportedly just never showed up to the venue. The publication also says that they spoke with Kodak’s team who told them that they don’t know why the show was axed and can’t locate the rapper or those traveling with him.

The Florida MC showed up for his show in Detroit on Saturday evening, but between that concert and Wednesday, TMZ claims he has gone off the radar, although they doubt the story that no one on his team knows where the rapper is. Meanwhile, fans in Boston were already allowed into the venue and were awaiting Kodak’s performance when the announcement came that the show was canceled, causing irate fans to shout “F*ck Kodak” as they were exiting out into the streets.