LOS ANGELES, CA- Los Angeles is no stranger to innovative music scenes and groundbreaking artists, but every so often, an act emerges that piques more than just curiosity. Enter Kai Tak, the brainchild of Chris King, known for his work in the indie music realm for his contributions to Cold Showers and his production prowess with artists such as Tamaryn, House of Harm, and Fearing.

With the release of their latest single “Blush” on February 6, Kai Tak invites listeners into a world where moody soundscapes meet the introspective depth of shoegaze, the rhythmic innovation of trip hop, and the expansive textures of electronica. The track is a gateway to the collective’s ability to sculpt aural experiences that are as haunting as they are enchanting, a hallmark of King’s meticulous craft.

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Kai Tak is set to bring their enigmatic presence to the stage at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles on February 10, in a show that promises more than just a musical journey. Celebrating Chinese New Year, the event is poised to be an annual tradition under King’s vision, featuring bands with at least one Asian member and integrating Lunar New Year traditions into the experience. Attendees will be treated to Lucky Red Envelopes, an emblem of prosperity and good fortune, alongside a DJ set that bridges traditional Chinese music with contemporary beats, crafting an atmosphere that’s as culturally rich as it is rhythmically vibrant.

Born in Hong Kong and adopted by American parents working at a camp for Vietnamese refugees, King’s journey is a poignant narrative of seeking identity through the convergence of cultures, sounds, and histories. His songwriting for Kai Tak began in the solitude of quarantine, emerging as a conduit for exploring his roots and fostering collaborations that transcend conventional musical boundaries. With plans to tour in support of their debut LP due in June 2024 via à La Carte Records, King will be able to share his story through Kai Tak.

Chris King’s invitation to explore “Blush” and the forthcoming show at Genghis Cohen is not just an opportunity to witness the evolution of a music collective but to partake in a cultural and sonic celebration that promises to be a landmark in Los Angeles’ vibrant music landscape. Whether through the immersive layers of their music or the inclusive spirit of their live shows, Kai Tak is charting a course through uncharted territories, inviting us all to join in their journey of discovery and innovation.

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