Birdman’s financial situation continues to spiral out of control, with reports coming out today via The Blast that the rap mogul is being forced to surrender the keys to his opulent $12 million Miami mansion, effectively immediately. 

Not long ago, we reported the beginnings of this story, which detailed a lawsuit filed EMG Transfer Agent, a company that loaned Birdman $12 million. The rapper defaulted on the loan, which led to some scorn by fellow Florida magnate Rick Ross, and the mansion was subsequently up for grabs, since he had put it up as collateral in the first place. As such, a judge is ordering the Cash Money celeb to cough up all keys to the premises and any and all security codes that would allow someone access to the home.

Legal documents have also revealed that a “court appointed person that will take control of the residence will also receive all contracts, leases, rental agreements, fixtures furniture and equipment” that are inside the mansion, which will more than likely be sold off piece by piece if no renter can be found in the near future. The compound is an enormous one, sporting 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms stretched over 20,000 square feet of luxury. There is also a fully-functional theater room and supposedly golden chairs that adorn Birdman’s foyer. When it comes to living in style on South Beach, the perks don’t get much better.