LOS ANGELES, CA- There are a handful of recordings artists from foreign countries that I regret missing when they came to Los Angeles to play some gigs. One of those artists is the British recording artist Jade Bird.

Having already received praise from outlets like NPR and Pitchfork, and even making her U.S. network television debut on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” with the performance of her beautiful single “Cathedral”, it seems that she’s well on her way to endearing herself to the American market with her emotional folk stylings.

Her newest single, “Lottery”, is a spirited ditty that has Jade contemplating a beau’s metaphor that love is a lottery. It’s a short song (lasting only a tad over 2 minutes and 30 seconds), but the plainspoken lyrics are so concisely and cleverly written, they stick with you. The hook is infectious, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll be singing along by the second times it’s sung.

I’m not sure that I’d agree with Jade Bird’s beau that love is a lottery, but if I had to take a number, I’m willing to place a bet on Ms. Bird. Her future, like this song, is pretty darn bright.

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Jade Bird. Photo credit Francesca Allen. Used with permission.
Jade Bird. Photo credit Francesca Allen. Used with permission.