BC Exclusive: Listen To Jack Tracy’s Latest Single “Hold Me”


LOS ANGELES, CA- On his third EP “Love Yah,” NYC-based pop/dance artist Jack Tracy finds inspiration from a bevy of 90s divas – Janet, Toni, and Britney, to name a few. But it’s the mid-tempo “Hold Me” that particularly channels Miss Jackson’s sexy slow jam vibes a la the “Rhythm Nation” era.

Tracy cites tracks like “Lonely” and “Come Back To Me” as specific inspiration for his “Hold Me” and it shows in the best ways – smooth, R&B-tinged melody accompanied by a soft accentuated rhythm section. When composing the song, he tried something new to help find the right vibe.

The most important step I found in my more recent music is to walk away [and] not be determined to finish in one session,” he explains. “I’ll step away from a song for a week or two to come back with fresh new ideas and that’s usually where harmony lines are born.

This tactic was used as a new tool while recording the EP as a whole – Tracy used these isolating times to his advantage and focused on revamping his creative process.

I used that time to concentrate on crafting vibes and movement around the songs,” he describes. “I’ve come to know myself very intimately and embrace it all much more freely, which helps me invest in my identity as an artist.”

Tracy is more than just a musician and producer – he’s an actor, director, writer, and cinematographer, all of which have helped shape him into a voice in the LGBTQ community. With this EP, he’s positioning himself to further cement that voice as a relatable, reliable source of comfort. Whether it’s a longing for a night at the club or navigating through the end of a relationship, his music is a sign of normalcy and relatability in a time where both of those things are in high demand.

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Jack Tracy Album Art. Courtesy of the Artist. Used with permission.
Jack Tracy Album Art. Courtesy of the Artist. Used with permission.