LOS ANGELES, CA- Scandinavian recording artist Skott recently released a brand new four-track EP titled “Stay Off My Mind” (Chess Club/RCA Records), and the first single of the same name is sweet pop gem whose hook is simply infectious.

With the new EP, Skott seems to step out from shadow of the mysterious singer dazzled audiences in NYC and Los Angeles with her downtempo, lush sonics. Decidedly more upbeat and shimmering, the single “Stay Off My Mind”  is grounded in the descending power chords of the keys that crescendo into her crystalline voice singing the catchy hook which echos “I’m Thinking of you, Won’t you stay off my mind?”
But there are many facets of Skott, and we shouldn’t let the upbeat melody take away from the song’s somber origins, which happened to be the death of a close friend. Per Skott:

“Ultimately it’s a song about missing someone so much that you’re almost living more in the past than in the present.” She continues. “We can have such fond memories, but life goes on and sometimes having flashbacks can keep you from moving on.”

Having released 10 tracks since 2016, odds seem reasonable that a full length is in the works, and I can’t wait to see- and hear- how this artist evolves.

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Skott. Photo courtesy of artist. Used with permission.
Skott. Photo courtesy of artist. Used with permission.