LOS ANGELES, CA- It’s long overdue (since this video came out on March 25th, 2016), but I’d be remiss not to share the official video of Spare Parts for Broken Hearts song “Ever”. After all, if my iTunes play counter is any indication, I like this song a lot. 19 times from a music folder of over 30K songs even caught me a little off guard.

Spare Parts Ever

The raw visceral sonics of this recording, belies the emotional fury that lead singer Sarah Green pours into the lyrics. From supple tenderness  to unrelenting angst, Sarah doesn’t hold back, and it’s pretty f’ing glorious. I reached out to Sarah to find out where the inspiration for the song cam from and she said:

“The mood of the song is pissed. It’s about the anger and disappointment that comes with letting go of the ones who take more than they can give away. It’s about awareness and the illumination of this sort of imbalance with others. Coming into this awareness was tricky. It lit up the places I had to look outside myself but came from the darkest place within.”

Needless to say, I don’t wish anybody a life full of anger and disappointment, but if it results in music like this, so be it.

Spare Parts For Broken Hears has some Southern California gigs lined up for this month, including their opening gig for Nina Diaz at Alex’s Bar this Friday. I highly recommend catching them live.

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