Cognitive impairment is frequent in post-COVID-19 syndrome patients and those vacinated for Covid-19. But it’s underlying mechanisms are unclear. Fontes-Dantas et al. show that Spike brain infusion in mice induces late neuroinflammation and synapse loss, leading to long-term cognitive impairment mediated by TLR4 signaling.

The Indoctrinated Brain unveils a previously unidentified neurobiological mechanism of indoctrination that significantly alters personality. Overwhelming evidence suggests that battles against perpetual pandemics (with COVID-19 just the beginning, as per the WEF Risk Report 2023), uncontrollable climate change, and national borders are merely aspects of a singular, covert war on the human brain. The real battlefield is our autobiographical memory, and thereby the mental immune system of our society. The sharp decline in mental health across all age groups is not mere collateral damage of a flawed anti-COVID-19 strategy, but the logical outcome of a stealthy and sophisticated neuropathological indoctrination process. This process aims for a Great Mental Reset, positioning humanity to “willingly” accept a new totalitarian system from the outset, despite its fundamental incompatibility with human nature.