LOS ANGELES, CA- Last year, the band or brothers, Goldensuns, released the dreamy, psychedelic track “Cover It Up”. With Chase Meier’s tenderly vulnerable vocals layered over some Mazzy Star type instrumental vibes, you can’t help but be enveloped in emotions as he sings “Did you cover it up/ So close too close oh/ In a medium way/ Goes without saying.”

Of the song the band has previously said:

“Sometimes your loved ones lie to you but you choose not to confront them about it, whatever your reason may be. This song leaves you with that unmistakable somber feeling of knowing but pretending like everything’s alright.”

Goldensuns have revisited the track with a live performance of the song with Warpaint’s JennyLee. Of the collaboration, representatives of the band say:

“While quarantining together in SLC the boys of Goldensuns and JennyLee of Warpaint filmed a live video of their latest single Cover It Up. The DIY rotating camera setup and the band’s immaculate vibes give the performance that homey look and feel that makes you feel warm inside.”

Goldensuns are planning to release their next EP sometime this year (2021).

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