Following on from the success of her previous single ‘My Way’, one of the UK’s dopest female rappers OneDa is back with ‘Power’, a triumphant song of dignity and female finesse. Throughout the song, the emcee’s over-arching sentiment hits home, delivering her self-assurance, self-respect and self-esteem.

The production fuses a contemporary trap beat with elements of vintage dub-reggae. The old and the new sit so comfortably together that OneDa’s confident flow patterns weave in and out of the beat with ease. A song like Power isn’t one that blends in with trends, as OneDa proudly goes against the superficial grain.

“They need justification, all I need is self-affirmations / They forgot who they are it’s frustrating, Living in fear, creates new complications”

Lyrics like this should come as a breath of fresh air to the younger generations who are finding their own identity in life. Check out the video below and stream via your favourite platforms here!