The world’s most successful cannabis businessman BigMike Straumietis is looking for one motivated, determined entrepreneur with a burning desire to make it big in cannabis. If you’re passionate about the cannabis industry and think you have what it takes to be a huge success, then now’s your chance to prove it in a groundbreaking competition show: The Next Marijuana Millionaire. Submissions start on: 3/23/2018 and application deadline is: 4/20/2018. Be sure to head over to to register.

After the initial business idea pitch phase where hundreds of hopeful cannabis entrepreneurs try to secure spots in the competition, 16 are chosen to stay in Los Angeles, where they’ll compete in challenges designed to show BigMike that they’ve got what it takes to be the Next Marijuana MillionaireTM. From these 16, eight finalists are chosen and will learn more about the marijuana industry, the realities of running a business, and themselves as they compete to become BigMike’s next protege. The entrepreneur who shows the greatest drive and potential to become a cannabis industry powerhouse is selected as the Next Marijuana Millionaire. He or she will win cash and in-kind prizes worth more than $1,000,000 and will launch their business with one-on-one guidance from BigMike himself — the founder of Advanced Nutrients, the No. 1 cannabis nutrients company in the world with annual sales of $105MM. It’s like Big Mike said,

“I’m out to discover you and build the next great brand within our industry. I’m offering to fly you out to LA, put up my own cash and company resources to bring your product or idea from seed to sale, and help you become the next Marijuana Millionaire.”