“Let Em Live” was written and produced by the two co-founders, Case Bargé and Tino Cash, of their independent label, Alls Lost Outside Our Fantasy (ALOOF Recs), and was originally suppose to be a part of the first official “AVRG” project from “ALOOF Recs” which was titled “The Level after”. “AVRG” which stands for (Artistic, Violent, Rarified, Ghastly), was a duo made up of Case Bargé & Tino Cash. Not wanting to confuse their listeners, the two decided to build their support as solo artists before flooding the gates, so they took a couple tracks that were apart of the “AVRG” project plus a few new tunes and created an EP, titled “GHOST.” When creating “Let Em Live” they were getting out their frustration on what was/is being accepted from the hip-hop music scene while telling their selves to “chill, we got it.”