LOS ANGELES, CA- It would seem that the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Cailin Russo has gone through a lot of changes over the past year. Stepping away from her p/k/a “Russo”, Cailin has recently released a new single under her own name, “DECLARATION”, which is revealing the song that has Cailin fessing up to recent transgressions.

Though the lyrics of the song never expressly state that which prompted her to write the song, its accompanying video, which is shot in ominously stark shades of green and red, opens with Cailin laying in bed asking, “Have you ever done something really bad?”

The pulsing bassline drives the recording with Cailin’s sensual vocals cooing her remorse and accepting the consequences:

“Can’t escape the fate of judgment day
For the things I’ve done”

It’s also a song that’s oddly rooted in strength as she proclaims in the undeniably catchy chorus that she’s not looking for any sympathy and doesn’t expect any:

“This is a declaration of a fuck up
A product of how I was raised
And I don’t expect a single teardrop
Whoa, I am ashamed”

Of the song, Cailin has said:

“It’s a fierce proclamation of a mistake from which I couldn’t seem to escape. The song comes from that feeling where you almost reach the bottom and you have nothing to do but accept it, own it and let it run its course”

This latest single feels a bit darker and heavier than those cuts from her 2018 debut EP House with a Pool, but we’re all for it, and looking forward to hear what else Cailin has up her sleeve.

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