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After bursting on the scene with the hypnotic “Eyes on Me”, BIANCA is back with a new gem and brings more bass to your eardrums with “MAKIN MINE”! Sexy, sensual vibe yet still edgy and raw, “Makin Mine” is the perfect track to ride to or party to. With all the great support, “Eyes On Me” has now reached over 12K+ organic plays, and created a great premise to what’s coming next from the LA singer.

We’ve also discussed the behind the scenes of her artist life and how she ended up in EDM phenomenon DJ/Producer NGHTMRE’s new video.

Blurred Culture : Congrats on all the great looks Bianca, you’re killin it! How does it feel to be a brand new artist, yet being genuinely supported because of the quality of your music?
Bianca : Aww! Thank you! I appreciate that! I’m grateful to have the support, I now feel I carry a responsibility. I remind myself who I’m up against, all these other amazing artists so I set a high bar for myself. If anyone is gonna take me seriously I need to put out the best quality music I can create. Quality is everything.

BC : You’re starring in the brand new video by Mad Decent artist, Nghtmre, the video is super crazy! How did that come about?
My amazing publicist Laura got me the gig! She hooked it up. I had so much fun shooting with everyone! NGHTMRE & GHASTLY were both dope! I had a bathroom scene and one of the assistants gave me this creamy chicken soup to put in my mouth to make it look like throw up. I don’t eat meat okay! I was grossed out! It was hilarious! Made that scene look so realistic. Haha Good times! Go watch it!

BC : So far, each of your release is pretty on point, cohesive and planned out, what’s the process behind the scenes?
Bianca : While I’m writing I’m already talking to the team, letting them know which song my be done first. We then go to the studio, sometimes I’m alone at the studio, it depends. When the music is done, we then share different ideas about what images and content to put out. My team and I work together very well. We make sure the process continues to move forward and that work is getting done.

BC : You seem to also have an eye for fashion, what’s your favorite look to put together?
Bianca : Yes! I love fashion, I wear a lot of vintage clothes. I like to go to different boutiques and find something unique. I would say some dope high wasted jeans that fit the booty nice, a little crop top, heels, jacket (vintage 80’s type ), some hoops for sure, and wear some lip gloss. Bomb!


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