Get to know Benzo and his new single, “Couches”. Benzo brings a fresh, new twist to old school Rap. Benzo‘s inspirations come from some of the OG’s of Rap and Hip-Hop such as Biggie Smalls and NAS. His style is very dynamic, mainly because of his ties to Brooklyn and his current residence in Miami. All of these elements are displayed in his new single “Couches”. When thinking of the “high life” and the most five-star treatment, one item is always associated.. couches. When in a club, the place to be is up on the couches. It’s not just an action, it’s a way of life. Standing on the couches is the epitome of living like a king. It’s where everyone desires to be, not only in a club, but also in shopping. When visiting a high-end store like Saks Fifth Avenue, one element of the best treatment is being able to shop at ease while enjoying a seat on the couches. Benzo linked up with Atlanta’s own, YRB Lawless, to create “Couches”. It’s not just a song— it’s an experience. “Couches” creates a vibe of living like a star.