JOPLIN, MO- Are you looking for some hard hitting, hard rocking roots rock? I may just have something for you, cause Ben Miller Band’s recently released official video for their latest single, “One More Time”,  to put it bluntly, f*ing rocks.

With Miller on vocals and founding member Scott Leeper (drums, washtub bass) now joined by Rachel Ammons (guitar, violin, electric cactus) and Smilin’ Bob Lewis (guitar, bass, percussion), this track is about is about a down and dirty as any other blues rock track that’s in my collection. It’s a bit of a departure from what I was expecting to hear. I was expecting something a little more bluegrass and significantly more lighthearted. Nope. This is a track is a rocker. A hard hitting rocker. 100%.

“One More Time” is a track off their upcoming album “Cherry Choke Tree” that drops tomorrow (January 26th), and don’t get me wrong … I’m certainly down for more of his progressive bluegrass and country leaning songs … but if the rest of the album carries that same edge and spirit that “One More Time” has, you best believe I’ll be ordering that “12 stat. Since this is the only track I’ve heard from the album, I guess I’ll be logging in to Spotify to check it all out.

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Ben Miller Band. Photo Credit: Carl Geers. Used with permission.
Ben Miller Band. Photo Credit: Carl Geers. Used with permission.