LOS ANGELES, CA- “Under The Moon” is sensual recording by Wolf Bay that is imbued with a laid-back, melodic pop sound.  Today, Wolf Bay has released an equally sensual video to accompany its sonics. The video stars the lovely Isis Prager, filmed by Tess O’Connor, and co-directed by Wolf Bay and Tess.

The song is about loving and living in the moment. Says Wolf Bay:

“The song is about meeting someone who’s soul you instantly feel connected to, more like seeing an old friend after a long time rather than a new connection. It’s about allowing yourself to fall intensely in love, even though you both know that there is a time limit. However, you both choose the present moment and dive into each other’s depths regardless […] It was inspired after meeting a girl last summer that was in Los Angeles on an internship from France. We immediately had a really strong connection, but knew she had to go back soon. There was some hesitation about diving into a serious relationship, because we were afraid it would make it more painful when she left. I decided I wanted to feel love rather than being afraid of heartbreak, so I wrote the song in hopes that she would feel the same. It worked. 

The romantic tension escalates throughout the video, and when asked what the “almost kiss” at its conclusion represents, Wolf Bay explained:

“The video sort of walks through our story and the dynamics of our love. I wanted it to be a visual representation of what our relationship was, so the end scene was meant to signify that she was leaving to go back. We lived this beautiful love for a moment in time, and then it we would be pulled apart by life. “

Check out the video below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! If you’re in Hollywood tonight (9/22/18), come out to Madame Siam to see Wolf Bay perform the song live!

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