By Glen Harvey

Atlee Gallimore, last spotted in the media speaking on Kobe Bryant’s 60 point finale as a Laker has been in the lab sparking the heat waves early this year with his debut “Lost In Transition”.


Starting the summer off right with the promising EP, Atlee brings his own vibe to the scene by making a statement in the very first track. “Building” he titled it, as it exploits his diverse style full of passion and emotion delivered in the chorus (This is me).

It’s hard to resist rolling down the windows and riding out to the smooth transition (no pun intended) of the laid-back beats followed by catchy metaphors (soon to be instagram captions).  

He’s seemed to have found his way through transition by bringing a twist of poetry and art, while taking us on a stroll down memory lane of his trials and tribulations with “LIVING”. This track essentially shapes the album, the picture is clear he can create a buzz with this delivery which is unique to the west coast sound.

Favorite song on the album is Track 4, as he goes back and forth on the battle within. Expressing the addiction he has for a girl, knowing she has a hold on him and shouldn’t want to deal with it, but he’s gotta be involved…..A Bad Habit that we all can’t seem to break.

Atlee gives us a dose of his complex views in this project as the 21 year old rounds out this EP leaving us wanting more. Check the forecast for the next heat he has in store.