LOS ANGELES, CA- Before James Vincent McMorrow took the stage at the Wiltern on December 1, 2016, the theater was taken over by the mysterious Allan Rayman. Rayman isn’t your ordinary R&B soul singer. There’s a darkness to his romance that he presents to the audience both literally and figuratively.

Allan Rayman @ The Wiltern 12/1/16. Photo by Marina Rose (@MarinaRose7) for www.BlurredCulture.com.Dressed in a loosely fitted, hooded cloth, he walked towards the center of the stage where a solitary, dimly lit stage light focused on the mic. Even in the virtual darkness, you could see his hand holding a bottle of wine that swung to and fro, as if to suggest that our emotions and mood were soon to be drunk with his mystery.

As he took his place on the lonely barstool that accompanied the microphone, his alternative R&B began to swell from the speakers. His raspy and inflective voice instantly set the mood for the moment, captivating all who were in attendance. It was interesting to observe how Rayman’s minimalist set up affected the venue, having the artist’s presence take over the entire space.

Allan Rayman @ The Wiltern 12/1/16. Photo by Marina Rose (@MarinaRose7) for www.BlurredCulture.com.His show is a package deal that’s not only a musical performance but also a journey into the mind of the artist. On a table hidden in the shadows were 2 glasses; perhaps one for him and one for us? Before he took the stage a mix tape of a female voice played in the background that gave you a feeling of a theatrical play and a “room” for your own interpretation.

Rayman’s stage decorum also added to the mysterious mood he set. With “madman“ laughs in between songs, speechless interactions with the crowd, and wine drinking straight from the bottle, it was something oddly familiar to all those in the audience who have ever had a “moment”. It’s not necessarily easy to capture an L.A. crowd’s attention, but Rayman’s unusual aloofness and dark mind games worked just right this evening. Add to that the dirty, sexy grunge of his music that’s spiced up with soulful R&B inflections, with a dash of electro, and you have an ingenious mix that captivates.

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