LOS ANGELES, CA- Alice Glass has released a new video for her recording “Forgiveness” which is from here self-titled solo EP. The video was directed by Lindsey Mann and is shot using lo-fi and glitchy effects carrying with it some dark and spooky overtones

Of the song, Glass has stated:

“This song is about rejecting the idea of forgiveness. Forgiveness isn’t always a moral act, the way some religions portray it. Sometimes forgiveness can be exploitative or even predatory, especially when people use it as a means to guilt someone rather than heal them. When forgiveness is used to create a false sense of superiority it is a toxic act.”

Given the a claims of sexual assault that Alice publicly raised last year, the theme of this track is particularly poignant. The lyrics are relatively mysterious, but I was particularly struck by the lyrics of the in the bridge which state “It’s not my fault/ Throw me away/ let me break down/ I’m Just a little doll”.

What do you think of the video? Check it out and let us know in the comments!

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