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Alexandra Savior @ Hotel Cafe 5/12/16 | Concert Photo By Derrick K Lee
Alexandra Savior @ Hotel Cafe 5/12/16. Photo By Derrick K Lee (@Methodman13) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

We simply cannot wait Alexandra Savior‘s debut album, “Belladonna of Sadness”. Ahead of her upcoming appearances at SXSW, Ms. Savior has blessed her fans with another sultry new song, “Vanishing Point”.

With its opening notes and lyrics, we’re instantly transported into Ms Savior’s mysteriously sensual world as she croons of the dangers of unrequited love:

“You’re a thousand times mine
I’m a thousand times yours
A thousand times mine
And I want a thousand more
Oh, until the vanishing point
And baby, not a moment before
You’re a thousand times mine
And I am a thousand yours
A thousand yours”

With the recent news that the next James Bond film is currently under production, someone should forward the film’s music supervisor a copy of this track. This song is begging to be used in the opening titles. #AmIRight?

Belladonna Of Sadness is due out April 7th 2017 via Columbia Records. You can PRE-ORDER the album starting today, right HERE.

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